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KBA for RON Signers:

Electronic Signatures (IPEN)

(Digital Signatures & Seal)

An electronic notarization, (IPEN), is a notarial act performed by a notary public using his or her electronic seal and electronic signature on digital documents. The signer and the notary are in the same room and both execute the documents digitally on an electronic device.

  • An Electronic Notary is a notary public that will notarize a document for you electronically while all participants are present in the same room.
  • An electronic notary is also sometimes referred to as an E-Notary. Instead of adding a regular ink signature on paper to your document, the notary adds an electronic tamper evident seal. This basically means that any unauthorized attempts to alter the document will become evident.
  • While this creates a more secure document if the recipient is requesting the document electronically instead of in paper form, you’ll still face many of the same issues with that of a mobile notary and a traditional notary.
  • The signer will receive an electronic copy of the documents after the signing which can be printed in order to obtain a physical copy of the executed documents.

All signers will receive the final notarized copy via a secure link once it is complete.

Remote/Online Notarization

Remote Online Notarization, or RON, is the use of audio/visual technology to complete a notarial act when the principal is not in the same physical location as the notary public.

  • After booking your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the name of your notary and detailed instructions for your session.
  • Send your document to the notary via email or through the secure portal link. On the day of your session you will receieve a link to a secure online Zoom Meeting session.
  • During your session, you will need to pass two state mandated identity verifications Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) and Credential Analysis of your Government issued ID with a photo. (Please have your ID ready before the meeting.)
  • Your notary will send your notarized document(s) back back to the party that provided them via a secure link Note: * All signers must be physically located within the US during the notarization. **If you are outside of the states, use our International Notarization option. ***If all signers are not in the same physical location, and you have signers in multiple locations, there is an additional fee

You’ll receive an email with accesss to the final copy via a secure link.

What is RON?:

Apostille & Legalization Service

An Apostille is an authentication of a public document issued pursuant to the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. It ensures that public documents issued in one signatory country will be recognized as valid in another signatory country.

  • After booking your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email requesting some additional information.
  • If required, you will meet with a notary to show ID and your documents on camera. (Please have your ID ready and your document printed before the meeting.)
  • Email your signed documents to so that we can double-check it for accuracy.
  • Lastly, mail your physical documents to the address provided by your notary.

Once we receive your document(s), we will proceed with the apostille process.
If your return address is in the US, we will ship your final package to you free of charge!

Need physical "wet" signatures?

No problem!

Both our Remote/Online Notarization and International Notarization service options allow for physical signatures. Prior to your session, just let your notary know that you need a physical copy and we will provide a mailing address to send your documents.

Once received, they will be notarized and sent to your recipient. (Shipping not included)

Of course you could also use our mobile notary service and have one of our notaries come to you.